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Fall Vibes

This beautiful family was a lot of fun! They had a great bond and cracked each other up. I loved it!

The location was Woodward Park in Fresno, CA. We focused on shooting at this really cool bridge location just leading into the lake.

The fall foliage was just starting to peak out during this end of October session.

You could tell how much this grandpa loved his granddaughter by the way he looked so adoringly at her. It was super sweet. I also loved how grandma looked on so lovingly.

The family brought some pumpkins for a prop, as Halloween was nearing and Halloween was a favorite of Holiday theirs too. That was perfect.

I loved this mom and daughter's outfits and their poses.

And the brothers...were cool and chillaxing...hanging out with their cigars.

It was great to get the matriarch and patriarch of the family together...so cute together!

We ended this fall session on some rustic stairs as the sun was setting in the background.

They even brought matching masks to represent "Fresno"! That was cool and a memory to capture the sign of the times!

I'll end this blog with a couple of enduring quotes....

"Family: Where life begins and love never ends."

"Focus on what ties you together and your family can never fall apart."

Quote authors - Unknown

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