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Family Photo Shoot: Almond Orchard Fun

Springtime Funtime! Who doesn't like being carefree amongst beautiful almond blossoms..well maybe someone allergic to all that is blooming, lol. Even still, it is hard to not fall in love with the beauty of these lovely orchards. Again, they are magical and bring out your carefree self. Plus almonds are yummy too. I had the pleasure of photographing this cute family over the weekend. The four of them have a great, fun, sweet, and beautiful family bond. They all bring so much laughter & joy to each other and those around them. The two kids are too adorable for words. Both are also naturals at posing. The kids did a really good job at following direction and picked up on the poses so easily. Their daughter brought out her own poses as well and I just let her shine. Their dad even got in on some photo action, taking some shots of his own during some down time. I had a lot of fun capturing some of their sweet family memories in the magical almond blossoms. We also went downtown and found a nice spot for some more photos against a brick wall which added some great texture to the image. We hope you like them. Again, thanks for visiting my blog.

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