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Golden Times

It is June 2020 and this is definitely a late post!

I title this post Golden Times not only because of the beautiful golden back drop of nature's fall foliage, but as a way to describe November 2019! Life for everyone is in such a different place since then, so it was, in a sense golden times with carefree happy moments.

In fall of 2019 I got to capture some sweet moments for two sisters and their beautiful families. They used some photos for their Christmas card in 2019. Nature provided a beautiful back drop while little children's innocence and carefree spirit brought happiness to the moment. These are some memories these families can look back on as their children grow and grow so fast.

As we fast forward to fall 2020, nature's Golden Time will be here and we can Hope by Fall 2020 we can experience Golden Happy moments in the world again.

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