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Love is in The Air

On my family photoshoot at Woodwark Park in Fresno, CA...Ness came up to my Fiancé (who was assisting me in my photoshoot) to ask if we were photographers. He directed her to me and she asked out of the blue if she and Em could get photos taken of them. We were running out of daylight but I was just wrapping up with my family session and let them know I had time to take their photos just after this...so it was perfect timing! At first they threw me off when they approached us...I was thinking, do we not have a permit and they are going to tell us about a permit, but then remembered I called and confirmed a photo permit was not needed, lol! It was a random moment but a good moment. I am really glad this couple asked me to capture their love and to have met them that day! We did a lot of kissing photos, LOL. I think I had them hold that pose for an hour, Just Kidding! Well couples should love kissing right?! LOL I actually captured some of their raw moments of kissing and gazing into each other during conversation and then asked them to also pose in a kissing moment.

Their love poured out of each other for each other and that was so great to see how in love they are.

I found out they even have their own YouTube channel. You can check it out here:

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0LjgrGHyt3rL2nY8veqjwg or search for Em & Ness

Here are some photos from that session....all things alined and we were able to capture some nice photos of this beautiful couple.

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