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My First Ever Virtual Session

During December 2020 I held a "12 Days of Gifting" giveaway on my Instagram Page.

It was a lot of FUN and it was great to meet new people, as well as, promote and partner with other great small businesses that offer great products and services.

The gifts being offered were available to all USA residents not just California residents. Along with the other business’ gifts, I included some free prints or digital images that could be redeemed with a California booking.

This was my first ever giveaway so there were bound to be changes to refine the giveaway, making it a better experience for all that entered and won.

One of the things that changed was, my photo giveaways were opened up to a virtual photoshoot since a lot of the winners were from out of California.

Maggie from the East Coast won two or three times and this allowed her to combine her photo winnings into a free virtual photoshoot that included a free print.


This was going to be new territory and challenging!

However, doing things virtually is the sign on the times during this COVID-19 Pandemic. A lot of other photographers were doing virtual photoshoots and I thought I would try this too.

It was definitely challenging but also fun to meet this challenge.

Maggie from the East Coast & I from the West Coast had a FUN time doing this virtual photoshoot session which took team work and coordination from the both of us.

This photo session was done via a FaceTime Call with me while using Maggie’s iPhone as the camera. I snapped the photos on my end and guided her in the poses and how to position the camera.

Take a look at the images captured during my first ever virtual photoshoot!

It was fun for this Cali girl to meet this challenge and am open to doing more virtual photoshoots in the future if there is interest. : )

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