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Thank you for visiting my website!  I’m Stephanie, also known as Kanraya.

I am a romantic at heart; I love love; I love emotion and love to capture these emotions in my photographs.  I also love capturing candid moments that bring out natural expressions.  Therefore, I sometimes will not focus on posing and just let you shine. 


Kanraya Photography is about capturing the story, the portraits of love and happiness, the drama and emotion in the moment.  


My website is a view of what I’ve envisioned and created with my Nikon thru portraits and travels near or far.

As much as I love portrait photography this was not always the case...


I’ve always had a passion for photography & as a kid was always the one snapping photos of everything with my Kodak point and shoot.  As I go thru life, I see images of life .. as photos.  Not until I stumbled into Peter Lik’s Photography Gallery in Las Vegas many years ago, did I know just how passionate I was! I was in AWE of his images and where, when, how he captured those amazing photos!  I wanted to pick his brain on what his camera settings were and hear his stories of how he trekked into that place to capture THAT MOMENT.  He is still my favorite landscape photographer and inspiration.  He inspired me to purchase my first Nikon dslr and begin my journey with learning how to use a ‘real camera’ on manual settings.  I just love the abilities of manual mode and how it allows you to create and control what you are envisioning thru the lens.  I like to use creative & sometimes abstract concepts and techniques in my photos.  I am a fan of shallow depth of field, bokeh and slow shutter speed to capture light trails, stars, light painting, etc. 


However, I never thought I’d be interested in portrait photography .. in capturing people.  I was always capturing architecture, the ocean, sunsets, flowers, scenery, my cats lol.


One day I was asked to shoot a dear friend’s wedding and that was it .. the beginning of my new journey.  I loved capturing the story that very special day, the portraits of love and happiness, the drama and emotion frozen in time, frozen in memories.  My dear friend's wedding was my inspiration to start taking portrait photography.  You can view the blog by clicking here.


So here I am embarking on my photography journey and I want to create magic and drama in my photographs. When you look at my photos, I want you to feel something.

I hope you enjoy my website.  I would be happy to create your everlasting memories.

Photographs create everlasting moments...

                                               one cannot gain back...

                                                                     except thru memories 


Location:  Sacramento, California with availability to travel

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