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My Inspiration to Take Photos of People

Lately I've been thinking a lot about my good friend who lost his battle with cancer years ago. He was such a good man with a fun, tenacious, kind, caring and generous spirit.

I felt it would be great to honor him in my blog as his wedding was what inspired and started my photography journey of capturing people vs. landscapes, flowers, architecture and my can read more of that in my "about me".

I was honored he asked me to capture his wedding memories. He knew how much I loved photography and since then his family requested I take their photos of their gatherings, prom etc...

Please be kind, this was my first ever photoshoot of people and it was a wedding event. I was very nervous since this was my first people photoshoot and wedding, however I wanted to make this special for my friend and his family.

He had recently been diagnosed with cancer at the time of his wedding. That day was such a loving and memorable wedding as many special family and friends came together to make this a magical event. It will always live on in my heart as one of the most joyful days I experienced.

These photos below show his fun loving and positive spirit even though he was suffering with cancer and affects of chemo. He was the most positive person I knew and very inspiring because he always remained this way thru it all.

I miss my friend dearly and I hope he is having fun wake boarding(something he was excellent at and loved doing) on a beautiful lake in Heaven. (I cannot find any wake boarding photos but here is one with him on a jet ski)

~Rest In Peace My Friend~

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