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Photography & Videography Session for Guiding Dove

Mary Peterson, a life and divorce coach for women asked me to take some photographs for her company Guiding Dove's website and for the book she just published.

The book title is: My Husband Left Me for Another Woman! Now what?

After meeting Mary, I saw her radiance and saw how inspiring and resilient she is! It is so wonderful to see how naturally radiant she is and see how her life took a great path after all of the pain, devastation and betrayal she had to endure.

She launched her website and you can visit it here to learn more about Mary or perhaps get in touch if you need some guidance thru times like Mary went thru. You can also view the images she chose to use from our photo session.

A few weeks later, Mary asked me to create some video for her website as well. This was a nice collaborative effort as we brought to life Mary's vision for her website video. It was a great experience as I have only done videography and movies for my personal vacation trips or concerts etc.

This video can also be viewed on Mary's website.

It was a pleasure working with Mary and I am humbly honored Mary chose me and trusted in me to provide her with these images and video for her company's website.

I just purchased her book and will be reading it soon. I know it will be very inspirational to hear her story and journey. You can purchase a copy of her book on Amazon

I will end with this cute (because it is Winnie the Pooh) yet inspiring Winnie The Pooh Quote..."You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, smarter than you think and loved more than you'll ever know."

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