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“You can count on me like 1, 2, 3…I’ll be there…” -Bruno Mars, “Count On Me”

I loved using a snippet of this Bruno Mars song on an Instagram Reel for Sarah and her doggie, Charlie. I see these two girls as two best friends & family that are there for each other thru life. You can check out this Instagram reel here

Sarah adopted Charlie from the shelter and I am so happy she did. She gave Charlie a good, loving home.

This photoshoot was something special for these two and something Sarah could have as a keepsake to cherish.

I really loved their interactions together and the candid moments of Charlie just loving life with Sarah.

Charlie would get distracted at times which was funny and totally natural especially considering this was her first time out like this in nature. However, Charlie did a really good job considering this was her first time out and we were able to capture some good photos of these two.

Sarah’s outfit was so cute and she was such a natural at her poses too!

I was so happy I could capture some special moments for these two that can be looked upon as some good memories to cherish.

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