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A Beautiful Family Bond

This beautiful family's beautiful bond shined thru the smoke filled day. Another set of California wildfires had just started up the week of our photoshoot, filling the atmosphere again with smoke and haze.

Despite the elements of the current atmosphere, the photos turned out to be really beautiful. You could feel the warmth that this family encompassed.

It was a joyous occasion since this Baby Girl would soon celebrate her 1 Year Birthday!

This family decided to have a photoshoot for her Birthday milestone as well as capture some family memories. The location was also very beautiful and probably my favorite Japanese Garden so far.

The baby did such a good job. Honestly, she stole the show. She is sooooooo adorable and so precious! Her family wanted some props for her photoshoot. We made the fairy swing decorated with pink flowers and her family made the girly tent, her 1 year old sign and cake. It all came together so well and we are all very crafty. I loved it!

Loved her expression when she saw her cake!! OMG so cute!

We captured some solo portraits too...

Loved how this mom's son made her laugh.

"Babies make love stronger, days shorter, nights longer,

a home happier,

the past forgotten

and the future worth living for."

-Unknown Quote Author-

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