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All The Feels

When these two looked at each other, it is like the whole world disappeared and they only had eyes for each other. These two! Their love shined so bright & I loved feeling their beautiful energy surround us during their photo session.

It was early December 2020 just before a new California stay at home order was in place due to the ongoing Covid-19 surge.

Amongst chaos of the world pandemic nature provided a beautiful escape.

The trees still had their beautiful golden fall foliage even though we were heading into winter.

We literally took the last shots on the rocks against the river (my fiancé scouted this cool location in the park) as the area was closing and park rangers were announcing thru their bullhorn you have five minute before it closes and gates will be locked! We squeezed in every last minute and I thought we might not get out, LOL. But we made it!

It was a nice session with these two lovebirds.

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