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Incognito for A Surprise Proposal

This was such a sweet and fun moment to capture!

The plan he had was... have a romantic picnic at San Francisco's Coit Tower with his girlfriend, then propose to her on the platform where the Christopher Columbus statue was

recently taken down...

(As reported June 18, 2020: "San Francisco officials removed a 4,000-pound statue of Christopher Columbus from its pedestal at Coit Tower early Thursday morning to do away with what to many was a symbol of oppression.")

I initially thought he wanted to propose first then have their picnic, but, it was the reverse! I was already going to act like a tourist taking photos amongst them but now I had to even be even more sneaky to keep this a surprise!

It was challenging but SUCCESSFUL! I did it! His girlfriend never knew I was taking photos of them at all, whew! LOL

Here, he saw me during the mission of his surprise. ; )

The backside of Coit Tower has a nice grassy area overlooking the Bay Bridge and was where the picnic took place. As they were setting up their picnic I was there taking photos 360 degrees around them...taking photos of flowers, the city, the bay, my fiancé who was assisting me that day and taking the photos of them.

THEN the BIG moment happened, he helped her up to the platform so they could see the view of the Bay looking out towards Alcatraz. Then...he got on one knee and proposed!!

This was such a genuine and heartfelt moment I got to witness and capture. My heart was full. It was beautiful!

I loved seeing their elation and bliss afterwards. Congratulations to these two love birds! It was a lot of fun capturing these special memories for them.

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